Traveling in Rainy Season: 7 Things That Must Be Brought

Preparation of travel in the rainy season is quite different from the dry season. Check out the following.

Traveling in the rainy season requires equipment slightly different from the dry season. Traveler who do not want the hassles must include these objects in their backpacks.

# 1 Raincoat or poncho

If you travel to the outdoors, umbrellas are not the best option to protect yourself from rain. In addition to disrupting the flexibility of the hand, they also complicate the movement, especially if you have to maneuver like jumping over a fallen tree or avoiding twigs.

Better choices are raincoats or ponchos. If your backpack is waterproof or has a protective coating, choose a raincoat.

If your backpack is prone to leak, or you decide to pause for shade, poncho can be more useful.

# 2 Plastic bags

Bring some plastic bags. In the rainy season, put dirty clothes or shoes are not as easy as the dry season.

Wet clothing that is dirty and wet can contaminate other clothes. The last thing you want when traveling in the rainy season is feeling moist all the time.

The thing to remember is to not throw this plastic at random. Use wisely!

# 3 Waterproof Pockets

This is useful for all seasons, in fact.

In the rainy season, he will protect important documents such as your passport and your money from water droplets.

# 4 Waterproof bag

Today’s travelers generally carry more electronic devices than old-time travelers.

Try your data: camera, MP3 player, mobile phone (two pieces?), GPS, and … backup pocket camera.

# 5 Windbreaker, waterproof hoodie, or jacket

The rainy season can also invite cold biting air, especially if your travel destination is located at altitude.

A jacket with two layers (a polar material inside and a waterproof material on the outer layer) that can be worn apart will be very useful.

# 6 LED Flashlight

The advantage of this type of flashlight is that it is lit brighter, and consumes less energy. Plus, the size can be much smaller than regular flashlights

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