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Start-Up Have Designed Bus with Virtual Bus Stop

In the future, the transporters’ party of Daimler’s own car company , together with New York-based start-up “Via Transportation Inc.”, will be offering vans with vans. For this, 50 million dollars are invested in a joint venture,

Idea When billions in the pool bath come about

It sounds like an absurd idea: The bosses of financially strong conglomerates and founders of young start-ups are to jump together into a ball pool. Or do yoga together. What’s behind it? In the Swedish furnishing house,

18-year-old Collects 3.5 Million Dollars from His Startup

The 18-year-old Israeli Iddo Gino wants to make the work easier for programmers. Now he secures an investment with his company in millions. Quite rarely, they play: violin or piano. They compose symphonies and are still children

Startup Stripe Payment Fetches 150 Million US Dollars

Mobile push at Black Friday sales, Uber will be a digital service, Samsung is planning splitting. Good Morning! While we slept, work was being done in other parts of the world: The payment service stripe from San