Every Man Must Have This Type Of Shoes

For shoe affairs, women do have many options. But that does not mean men are not given a choice of shoe models. In fact as a man, you also have a myriad of shoe choices to complement your stylish style to be more trendy and cool. Well, here are the types of men’s shoes that you must have so no style and costumes in various events and events. Check it out!

Sport Shoes

sport shoes

For you who like sports, it is definitely a must have this type of shoes. Sports shoes also vary depending on the sport activities you do. There are shoes to run, soccer, even to play tennis! Well, what do you choose?


converse sneakers

Your shoes collection is not complete without sneaker. For a variety of non-formal events, this type of shoe is the most appropriate friend. Yep, sneakers will make your appearance look casual and stylish.


loafer shoe

Create a lazy shoes to tie the hangout to a semiformal event, loafer is the right answer. This type of men’s shoes are often referred to as a slip on this you deserve to wear to the office by choosing materials and models are a bit more formal, like mafcasins loafer type. Guaranteed, you even feel at home all day while wearing this type of shoe.


boots for men

Guys will look super cool when wearing this type of shoe! Its use is also diverse. You can wear it for a walk with friends to wear it for more formal events. When traveling to a fairly cold area, boots with long-necked shoes will protect your feet perfectly.



Create a formal event, leave your choice to the boots. This man’s shoes are really good to keep you company and office. The choice of models also varied. There are oxford type pantofels that have stitching details on the sides of the shoe. There is also a monk strap for you who are lazy to tie shoes, as a replacement type of this pantofel has a buckle glued to openings.

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