How to Choose Backpack for Traveling

This is a question we often get. Which Backpack is our recommendation? And the question is difficult to answer without knowing what kind of trip you will live and how much budget you have.

With these considerations, we try to help by giving an idea of ​​what kind of backpack is best suited for your needs.

Backpack vs. Luggage

For more than 10 years we have not used luggage. We do not like to wear luggage. Even when we just vacation to visit family also we use backpack. Why? Because it’s so hard luggage luggage in the street that is not paved. No need to far away, even in Bandung just so out of the airport bother if you have to wear suitcase 300 meters on the road in front of him to find Uber. Many holes on the road!

Another example, if you want to ride the boat to the island, it is also troublesome to bring a suitcase. Under some conditions, the backpack is more comfortable than the suitcase.

What if your AirBnB is on the 3rd floor of an apartment with no lift. We’ve often got apartments that do not have elevators. No problem with a backpack. Just walk up the stairs. But if you bring a suitcase it will be hard to pull a suitcase to each rung and it will make you hate the suitcase (or even the AirBnB). Trust me. Buy a comfortable backpack.

What kind of travel do you like?

It’s an important thing to consider. The type of journey you are going to do really determine what kind of backpack you will buy. When walking Camino de Santiago in the summer, Adam brought a small daypack 28L Deuter. The size is very small, but enough to carry all her needs during the Camino (PS: he just brought 1 change of clothes for the 34-day walk).

But for other trips he brought another size backpack. So specify in advance what kind of trip you will do, before buying a backpack that you use for most of your trip. After determining the type of journey then the choice can be narrowed later.

Right Size Backpack

The thing most often feared before buying a backpack is to determine the size of a backpack that fits. Previously Adam traveling by using a backpack size 70L, which if filled up so heavy really. So for us 70L is the maximum size that we will buy because if more than that might not be strong carry it. Now Adam is traveling with a 55L Kathmandu backpack and Susan takes the 38L Kathmandu. In addition, Adam also brought a separate daypack and Susan brought a sling bag that is big enough to bring a camera, etc.

The point here is that most people will be able to easily carry backpack size 55L for trips in general. If you need to bring a lot of camping equipment, chances are you will need a backpack size of 70L or more. If you like travel light and do not like check-in luggage, then you will need a backpack with size around 40L.

Good Backpack Brands

The brand you choose is a very personal thing. We used 3 backpack brands: Kathmandu, Deuter and a Jack Wolfskin (Susan was forced to suddenly buy a backpack in Chiang Rai because his loan daypack broke down). If you do not want to waste money, do not buy a mock backpack because it usually quickly damaged and the quality is not good. Yes, there are some better quality, but you can not trust and rely on the quality of artificial backpack.
Deuter is a very popular international backpack brand. The quality is good and available in many countries. Therefore we recommend the brand. Deut 28LKathmandu is an Australian / New Zealand company which also has outlets in United Kingdom. Backpack-backpack is very good and Adam’s backpack is still very strong after being used for 8 years with very high frequency and heavy-duty. Some of his clips are damaged by being trampled by people. In addition there is no other significant damage.

We once had a backpack Eiger brand, pretty good but the frame is very heavy. If you can choose the possibility we will select an international brand.

Important Features in Choosing a Backpack

The main feature that is important in choosing a backpack is size. After the size, the next is a severe problem. Very uncomfortable to have a heavy backpack even though when his backpack has not filled anything alias empty. The heavy backpack will make the cost of baggage more expensive and in addition will also be difficult to carry a heavy backpack. So it’s important to buy a backpack as light as possible. Wherever possible we try not to choose a backpack that weighs more than 2kg when empty.

Durable material is a strong material. Materials for making backpacks are very important to consider. The material must be strong and not quickly damaged / torn. The zipper must be strong. The clip must be large / thick so as not to quickly break / damaged.

Another feature we like from our Kathmandu backpack is a cover to cover the shoulder strap so neatly and no rope waving, no need to worry clips trampled or stuck in the belt. It’s not an important feature really, but cool aja! 😉Backpack 38L Some backpacks have a feature to keep the laptop safely (there is a pad) and for us who like to take the laptop is very helpful.

If you will often use the backpack for trekking, you should consider whether you need to buy water bladder to put in backpack . If so, you need a backpack that has a slot to put the water bladder. Good Backpack Price The minimum price you should spend on buying a good backpack is $100. But do not be surprised if you end up spending $300.

In our opinion is to get good quality you have to pay quite expensive. If you try to save a few hundred thousand you will get a backpack that is not the best and will quickly break down.

Prepare extra budget, let’s just say long-term investment. Because a good backpack will definitely last for years. Bathpackpack Kathmandu 60LRecommended BrandAs we mentioned before, we love Kathmandu and Deuter. We recommend the brand if it can (usually the Kathmandu brand is only in Aus / NZ / UK).

We also know many people who like to use the brand Osprey. That is a very good brand. One problem that must be faced is finding the products of these brands in many countries. We strongly recommend to try first backpack before buying.

Backpack is a very personal item and by trying it yourself first then you will be sure if you will like to use the backpack. Try checking into your local Eiger store.

In conclusion, whatever backpack you choose, make sure the quality is good. Because backpack that will accompany your journey for the next few years.

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