These 5 Other Functions of Silica Gel You Need to Know

When buying new bags and shoes, you will often find the existence of a small white pack containing silica gel. In fact, this one thing is often also found in packaged foods.

Laying of silica gel on the goods is only one purpose, namely making the object in perfect condition. This is because silica gel is able to absorb moisture to prevent mold and weathering on these items.

However, apart from its function as a new product safety, in fact silica gel also has a magical utility that can help you solve everyday problems.

Silica Gel Prevents Mushrooms on Make-up Tools

Have diligent face wash and care, but your face is still spotty? This could be because your make-up tool is dirty or moldy. If it’s dirty, you can wash it immediately. However, the wet make-up tool is vulnerable to create mushrooms. The fix is ​​very easy. Just put the silica gel in the city of make-up equipment to ensure the condition of make-up equipment remains dry.

Dry Cell Phone Batteries Wet

Because it is always carried everywhere, your phone is very vulnerable to damage. One of them when this one gadget rain water over water sprayed. If so, immediately check the condition of the battery. When wet, you can simply put some silica gel on it to water quickly absorbed and the phone can be reused.

Silica Gel Can Also Prevent Books Yawning

Likes to be annoyed when you see your book sheet yellowed by age? Relax, you can prevent it with the magic silica gel really. Like a camper, you just put this one thing in a couple of books on your shelf. Guaranteed deh, papers collection of your favorite books to avoid the word yellowing.

Preventing Electrical Short Circuit

Unexpectedly it turns out silica gel can prevent fires in your home! Thus, one of the electrical short circuit triggers is a damp condition, whereas silica gel can absorb the moisture. Simply put silica gel in your city’s various electrical appliances so you and your dwelling will be safe from short circuit when installing it.

Silica Gel Can Avoid Clothes from Odd Odor

Disappointed if the clothes in your dresser clothes smelled musty because the condition of a damp cabinet? Only, the condition of closed cabinets as if making this become natural. The solution is easy, you can put some silica gel in your wardrobe as a substitute for camphor. Guaranteed, your clothes are smelly!

Are you the person who immediately throw the silica gel in your bag and your new shoe box? Looking at the unfathomable benefits, better start now keep this one thing, yuk, just in case to deal with any of the above problems.

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